About Us  

From Hobby to Passion

Evergreen Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. was created in 1988 by Michael Souviron as a part-time hobby. After several years of quality landscaping, he decided it was more of a passion than a hobby, and focused on turning the dream into reality. Michael, along with his son Daniel, decided to make it official. In 2001, Evergreen became a corporation.

Shortly after this, jobs took off, and we never looked back. Over the years, we have gained a tremendous amount of experience and equipment that we utilize to make our passion for landscaping more efficient and affordable to our customers.

Examples of Landscaping work

Why We Do It

The satisfaction of seeing the transition from a landscape that is out of control and overwhelming into a piece of art is exhilarating. This, along with meeting new people and getting connected with the community, is what really keeps us going. At the end of the day, there are a lot of landscapers in town, but what separates us from them is the quality of our work and how we treat our customers.

Who We Are

We were built on customer satisfaction, and it’s this satisfaction that has allowed us to grow. Evergreen is more than a lawn care business; it’s a group of people who love being outside, developing new relationships, and continually exceeding the expectations of the industry standard.

Now let us prove it to you.

Contact us today, and tell us about your landscaping project.